Why should I join a Specialty Society or Study Group?

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Philately has been a life-long passion for me, but only in the last 10-15 years have I clearly understood the value of joining a specialty stamp society or study group.  These societies provide an invaluable amount of information for the specialty collector.  The leadership of these groups is usually poised to help out eager collectors further their knowledge in a specific area. Having started out as a Latin American & Canal Zone collector and now a full-time dealer with similar specialties, I have joined groups such as the Nicaragua Study Group, COPAPHIL, SOCORICO and Canal Zone Study Group.  Not only have these groups been a source for furthering my knowledge in these areas, but they have provided avenues for creating long-lasting friendships with fellow members.
With the expansion of online resources, acquiring and sharing information has become much easier.  Many of these specialty societies have websites that provide general information, news about new findings, updates on auctions run by the societies and much more.  Some of them even offer back-issues of the society newsletter archived as PDF documents.
Here is a brief overview of each of the societies the I have found most helpful:
COPAPHIL - The Colombia-Panama Philatelic Study Group (founded in 1983)
This is a comprehensive resource for both Panamanian and Colombian philately
A sample of their newsletter, COPACARTA, can be viewed here: COPACARTA Volume 27
To join follow this link: Membership
Canal Zone Study Group - (founded in 1952)
This society is the go-to resource for all things Canal Zone
A sample of their newsletter,  The Canal Zone Philatelist, can be viewed here: CZP Issue 161
To join follow this link: Membership
Nicaragua Study Group - (founded in 1990)
This small society is an excellent resource for all aspects of Nicaraguan philately
No current website
For membership information contact Michael Schreiber at momotombo@woh.rr.com
SOCORICO - The Society for Costa Rica Collectors (founded in 1960)
An international group of collectors interested in the study of the stamps and postal history of Costa Rica
A sample of their newsletter,  The Oxcart, can be viewed here: Oxcart #175
To join follow this link: Membership
The yearly membership fees for these societies are a real bargain too!
I hope you'll take a minute out and check these groups out.

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