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We wanted to pass along a THEFT ALERT from the American Philatelic Society.  They sent out an email alert to dealer members and we wanted to post it so that others could see it. The text of the email from the APS is as follows:
Stamp Theft alert shared for Lawrence Clement: 

Stolen collection of World War ll German occupation  stamps, p to z countries and  Japan/Japanese occupation stamps.  There are many Burma occupation stamps with the peacock overprint including 1N1-3, 1N29 (2 copies), 1N45-6, 1NO1, etc.   The stamps are on hanger pages with 3/4 inch white tape with black letters containing descriptive information on 90% of the stamps.

Each single or set has a small  white slip of paper next to it with the Scott cat. # and cat. value for items  above about  $20. The collection was in a dark blue three ring binder with a label on the spine: "WORLD WAR II GERMANY P_- Z/ JAPAN" in 24 point letters, Helsinki bold type.

The collection was taken at the Quality Sunday Stampshow at the Anaheim Plaza Hotel,1700 So. Harbor Bl., Anaheim, CA 92802. The show is run by Steve Pattillo of P.O. Box 604, Fullerton, CA 92836, phone 888-995-0548, Cell 714-379-0752. Pattillo is aware of this theft and helped I.D. the thief.

The collection was taken from the table of dealer Claude Abraham who witnessed the thief  remove the blue binder, but Abram thought the binder belonged to the thief. Mr. Abraham will testify. the thief is thought to be Steve Park or Pang of Upland , CA, late 40, s, 5' 7" tall,  175 lbs, a Korean who speaks little English and at many stamp shows is with his wife Susa  Park (Pang), 5' 5" tall, 180-200 lbs, Caucasian who speaks English.

The theft occurred on 12-21-14 at about 9:45 am and was reported to the Anaheim Police  that afternoon, report # 14-765-1974, phone 714-765-1974. reported value $10,000 - 11,000.. Many thanks for your help!

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